How do you attract people's attention?

Get them people to think?

The Next Big Thing.

Show some animation?


Use A Mesmerizing Background?


Make a statement.
Show a video.

Change the mood.

Invoke emotions.

ONE3 Website Developer

Get your website up and running with us.

Freelance Website Developer

Freelance Website Developer providing professional services to get your website up and running.

Building Joomla based responsive websites for clients and providing maintenance services. Other valued-added services for clients to help in their business include the following:

  1. Registering, managing and configuration of domains on behalf of clients.
  2. Website configuration and hosting for clients, ensuring the website is up and running
  3. Email hosting for clients, cheap alternative to Google gmail.
  4. PHP/MySQL programming to enhance the functionality of the website.
  5. Software setup and configuration e.g. Fluro, PodbeanActiveCampaign, Zapier, Easywebinar etc.. you get the idea.
  6. Business card and powerpoint design.
  7. Office applications support e.g. reduced size of PDF, merging PDF files, Excel programming etc.